3 Tips For Keeping Your HVAC Happy This Summer

Summer is almost here in Lake Placid, Florida! It’s time to escape the daily grind and take off on summer vacation. But if you’re looking to escape the Florida summer heat, you’ll have to make sure that your home’s HVAC system is running strong. Follow these tips to keep your HVAC system happy and healthy:

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Life is busy, and it’s easy to forget to schedule regular maintenance for your home’s HVAC system. However, skipping regular maintenance can prove to be costly in the long run. By performing regular maintenance, our service technicians can find potential problems before they become bigger and more costly. As a result, you’ll risk your risk of major breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Turn Up Your Thermostat

Florida summers can be brutal. Air conditioning can help, but try not to make yours work harder than it has to.

Turn your thermostat up – 78 degrees is ideal. You may not notice a huge difference, but your HVAC system will. Just a few degrees above 78 can give your HVAC system an even bigger break. As a result, you can save even more on your monthly cooling bills.

When you leave the house, get into the habit of turning up your thermostat a few extra degrees. By doing this, you’ll not only save money on your energy usage but also extend the life of your HVAC system. To avoid forgetting, consider upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat.

Shade Your Outdoor Unit

In the hot summer sun, everyone enjoys some shade. Your HVAC system is no different.

A unit that sits in direct sunlight and heat inevitably works harder than a shaded one. Consider building a fence or roof around your HVAC unit to give it a break from the sun. Or plant some taller shrubs nearby to provide shade. Just make sure your unit has about 6-10 inches of space on all sides so that debris from shrubbery won’t get trapped inside.

Do you want to keep your HVAC system happy this summer? Call Miller Central Air, Inc. at 863-699-5455 to take care of your HVAC system.

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