As a resident of Florida, you undoubtedly know how stifling the summers can feel. The efficiency of the HVAC system in your Lake Placid, Florida, home greatly impacts your indoor comfort levels and energy expenses. Making sure the AC unit is ready to effectively cool your home should be at the top of your spring cleaning list. Here’s an easy-to-follow checklist for spring AC maintenance:

Outside AC Maintenance

Here are some tasks you can perform outside. As a result, your AC system will function better.

  • Clear away all debris within two feet of the outside unit.
  • Inspect the refrigerant pipes and coils for damage.
  • Remove animal nests in, on or near the unit.
  • Look to see if the cooling fins are bent.

If you notice bent cooling fins, it’s best to contact a professional to perform a repair. The same applies if you notice damage to the refrigerant pipes or coils. Otherwise, you risk endangering your safety or damaging the system further.

Indoor AC Maintenance

Here are some tasks you can perform inside. As a result, you’ll improve efficiency and indoor air quality.

  • Change the air filter once a month throughout the cooling season.
  • Vacuum the evaporator coil inside the AC system.
  • Listen to the AC system for any odd noises sounds like banging.

Effective indoor AC maintenance starts with changing the air filter. Once a filter is dirty, it hinders the AC system’s ability to cool your home efficiently. You can reduce your cooling expenses by up to 15 percent by changing the filter regularly.

If something doesn’t sound quite right with the AC system, contact us to inspect it. Miller’s Central Air, Inc. makes it simple to keep your system in good working order with our AC maintenance services. Call us today at 863-699-5455 to schedule your next AC maintenance session.

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