4 Reasons That Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

Summers in Port St. Lucie, Florida, can be downright sweltering. That’s why you want your air conditioner to run effectively throughout the hottest months of the year. Unfortunately, a variety of issues can lead to an air conditioning breakdown. As a result, they can cause you to feel uncomfortable in your home. Here are a few reasons that your air conditioner might not turn on to cool your home properly:

The Thermostat is on the Fritz

When your air conditioner won’t turn on, the thermostat is often the culprit. The thermostat in your home is the control center for your AC system. In addition to allowing you to set your preferred temperature, the thermostat signals the air conditioner to turn on and off.

First, change the batteries in your thermostat. In most cases, replacing dead batteries will restore the connection between your thermostat and AC system. If that doesn’t work, call an AC professional to inspect your thermostat to see if there’s a problem with the electrical connection.

The Condenser Needs Cleaning

If your air conditioner fails to turn on, it could be because the condenser is extremely dirty. The condenser in your outdoor unit contains several important parts that keep your system running effectively, including a fan, cooling fins and air transfer tubes.

The fan in the condenser draws in outdoor air. As it does, it’ll also suck in contaminants such as dirt and dust. Over time, these contaminants can collect inside the condenser on the various parts. As a result, the contaminants can prevent these parts from working the way they should.

Shut down your system if you suspect the condenser isn’t working properly. If you see a lot of dirt on the fan and cooling fins, you should schedule a professional cleaning. Hopefully, cleaning the condenser will restore your air conditioner’s functionality .

The Refrigerant is Leaking

Your air conditioner relies on refrigerant to cool your home effectively. The refrigerant in your system continuously removes heat energy from the air in your house and disperses it outside to control the temperature. As a result, your home feels cooler and more comfortable.

If you notice that your air conditioner has trouble cooling your house,, it’s possible that you’re dealing with a refrigerant leak. When refrigerant is leaking into your system, it’ll first cause a reduction in cooling efficiency. It’ll eventually cause the air conditioner to break down.

You should call an AC repair professional as soon as possible if you suspect a refrigerant leak. Allowing refrigerant to leak into your system unchecked may cause extensive damage, possibly forcing you to replace your air conditioning system.

The Motor Has Failed

The worst-case scenario when it comes to an AC system breakdown is that its motor has failed. If you noticed loud banging noises prior to the breakdown, a blown motor is almost always the cause.

The reason a failed motor is such a big problem is that it’s costly to replace. In fact, if your air conditioning system is on the older side, it may end up being more cost effective to purchase a new system instead of replacing your dead motor.

If your air conditioner suddenly breaks down and you need help getting it back up and running, call the team at Miller’s Central Air, Inc. at (772) 209-3778. Our experienced team knows how to deal with a wide range of air conditioner problems. We can quickly diagnose the issue with your system and recommend repairs. With our help, you’ll be able to keep your system running well so that you and your family can stay cool throughout the hot and humid summer in Florida.

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