The Most Common AC Problems That Interfere With Airflow

Maintaining airflow in your HVAC system is important if you want to keep your Okeechobee, Florida, home feeling comfortable. Unfortunately, there are several different air conditioning problems that can interfere with airflow. Some are easy to fix and others aren’t. Here are some of the most common AC problems that interfere with airflow and why they deserve professional attention:

Blocked Registers and Vents

One of the most common reasons that you’re seeing a lack of airflow in your system is that you have blocked vents and registers. If the vents in your home clog, there’s no way the air will be able to move freely. As a result, you’ll feel uncomfortable in your home.

If you notice limited airflow in your system, make sure the vents and registers are open and clear of any obstructions. Move any furniture that may be blocking the vents. Clean to make sure there’s no dirt or dust interfering with airflow.

Clogged Air Filters

Waiting too long between air filter changes is another reason that there may be limited airflow in your AC system. The filter’s job is to remove debris and dust from the air in your home. Over time, these items will accumulate and may eventually clog your system.

When the air filter clogs, it’ll reduce airflow will naturally. As a result, your AC system will work much harder. If you’re noticing hot spots in your home — a symptom of poor airflow — it may be because you need to install a new air filter.

Issues With Your Blower Fans

Some of the issues with your air conditioner that may interfere with the airflow are mechanical in nature. For instance, your system relies on blower fans to move air throughout your home. If there’s a problem with one of these fans, it’ll result in limited airflow.

Several issues can affect the ability of your system’s blower fans to circulate air in your home. For instance, it’s possible that one of the blower fan motors is performing sluggishly. There may also be fan blades that have come loose or become coated with debris. Whatever the problem, you’ll need help from an HVAC professional. After a tune-up, the functionality of your fans and the airflow in your system should be better.

Problems With Your Ductwork

Many airflow issues are a result of problems with your ductwork. Because your ductwork is unseen, these problems will likely develop without you noticing until the airflow in your home drops significantly.

For example, leaks and cracks in your ductwork can easily limit your airflow. When your AC system isn’t sealed, air can leak out. This can result in myriad problems. It’s also possible that your ducts have become clogged and are preventing air from moving unrestricted.

If you suspect there’s a problem with your ducts, arrange for a professional inspection. An air conditioning professional can examine your ducts and clean them if they’re clogged or seal them if there are leaks.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is another air conditioning issue that may limit airflow. Your thermostat is the control center of your air conditioning system. When it’s not working right, a variety of problems — including lack of airflow — can be the result.

In some cases, a low battery in your thermostat can interfere with its functionality and affect airflow. Try installing new batteries to see if this resolves the issue. If new batteries don’t restore airflow in your system, you might need your thermostat repaired or replaced by a professional.

As you can see, there many different problems that may interfere with airflow in your AC system. If you need help fixing your air conditioner to restore optimal airflow, call Miller’s Central Air, Inc. today at 863-467-1545. One of our experienced senior service technicians will inspect your system from top to bottom to find and fix this issue.

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