HVAC costs are often a major portion of the monthly budget. The weather in Lake Placid, FL, ranges from chilly nights in the winter to sizzling heat in the summer. Florida residents who want to find ways to save on their heating and cooling bills are turning to smart thermostats. Read on to learn more how a smart thermostat can save you money.

What’s a Smart Thermostat?

Smart Thermostats are sometimes called programmable thermostats. Smart thermostats work using electronic sensors that give more accurate readings than manual models. This can save you money by keeping your central air conditioner set exactly where you want it. You won’t spend more because the central AC system thinks that it’s 75 degrees when it’s actually 72.

How Do Smart Thermostats Save Money?

A smart thermostat can do something that an older thermostat can’t. You can program it to not cool the house when you’re away or asleep. The central air conditioner won’t run when you don’t need it to keep you comfortable. This is how a smart thermostat saves on your air conditioning costs over the season. They also allow you to control the temperature from your smartphone. This allows you to turn on the system when you’re on your way home from work or shopping.

How Much Can You Save?

How much you save depends on how expensive your cooling bill is on average. Savings tend to range between 10%-24% for most homeowners. The higher your cooling bill, the bigger your savings will be in the future. Don’t forget to read the energy reports that your smart thermostat provides to learn where you’re saving and wasting the most.

Miller’s Central Air, Inc. can get you set up with a new smart thermostat so that you can start enjoying the savings. Give us a call today to speak with a friendly HVAC expert.

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