Your heat pump should run in cycles while heating your home. If the unit starts running continuously, there could be a problem. Here are some possible reasons your heat pump in Indiantown, FL, never turns off:

Undersized HVAC System

An undersized system cannot meet your home’s heating demands. Consequently, your heat pump will work without stopping, trying to reach the temperature you have inputted on the thermostat.

Getting a new heat pump will solve this problem. Ensure a professional conducts load calculations for your home to determine the heating needs before you buy and install a new system.

Heat Pump is Outdated

Your heat pump may not retain its top performance forever. The efficiency reduces as the system ages. Running constantly is one of the signs that show the system’s efficiency has dropped.

Running continuously will put a lot of pressure on the system’s parts, causing them to wear out quickly. As a result, the unit will require frequent repairs to continue running optimally. Consider replacing your system after a decade of operation.

Refrigerant is Leaking

A refrigerant is a special fluid that facilitates the heat transfer process. Damages on the refrigerant lines may cause this fluid to start leaking.

As a result, your system’s efficiency in relaying heat from outside to your home will reduce. Consequently, your unit will run without stopping to warm your living space.

Attempting to repair refrigerant leaks puts you in harm’s way because the fluid is toxic to humans. Consider hiring a professional to complete the job for you.

Dirty Condenser Coils

While in heating mode, your heat pump collects heat from outside using the condenser coils. If debris and dirt clog this vital component, the system cannot absorb heat efficiently. Scheduling annual HVAC maintenance helps to keep the condenser coils clean.

Contact Miller’s Central Air, Inc. for excellent HVAC services if your system fails to shut down. Our senior service technicians will check the cause of this problem and fix it to restore your unit’s top performance.

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