Why Your AC System May Struggle to Keep Your Home Cool

The heat and humidity present throughout most of the year in Port St. Lucie, FL, can feel oppressive. That’s why you rely heavily on your air conditioner to maintain a comfortable home environment. If your AC system is no longer capable of meeting your needs, you may wonder if it’s time to replace it. While this may be the case for some homes, there are many other reasons your air conditioner may be struggling.

Components Are Dirty

The air filter, coils, compressor and other essential components in your home’s AC system will gather dust, dirt and other elements over time. In most cases, the air filter should be cleaned or replaced monthly. The other components should be cleaned annually through a professional AC maintenance service. As a result, you’ll reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Low Refrigerant Level

The most common reason your AC system’s refrigerant level is low is because of a leak. When we inspect your system, we’ll analyze the refrigerant level to determine your system’s repair needs. Keep in mind that leaks require a professional’s expertise to repair. The refrigerant level must exactly correspond to the manufacturer’s requirements for efficient operation.

Mechanical Issues

Many mechanical issues could result in malfunction. This includes corroded wires, damaged terminals, worn-out fan controls, compressor damage and more. Your home’s air conditioner has many advanced components that you should only have serviced by a well-trained professional. Through a detailed inspection, we can accurately tell you which mechanical components may need cleaning, repair or replacing.

Thermostat Needs Replacing

Finally, a faulty thermostat may also be to blame. If replacing the thermostat’s batteries and cleaning its contact pads don’t resolve the issue, you may need to replace the thermostat.

Miller’s Central Air, Inc. is the local HVAC company that you can trust to provide you with honest answers and fast, quality service. If your AC system is no longer functioning as it should, schedule an inspection and repair service with our team today. As a result, you’ll make sure your air conditioner operates effectively and efficiently this summer.

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