Why Does My AC System Keep Freezing Up in Okeechobee, FL

Many homeowners have encountered their fair share of air conditioner issues, but none are as baffling as a freezing AC system when it’s hot outside. This unexpected issue can stem from various underlying causes. If your AC system often freezes in your Okeechobee, FL, home, here are the three main reasons that could bring your comfort to a chilling halt:

Faulty Blower Fan

The blower fan is responsible for keeping air moving through the system. When the blower fan isn’t working correctly, the air doesn’t move across the coil as it should.

Therefore, the coil becomes too cold and can freeze. To prevent this, you should keep the fan in good working order. Regular AC maintenance is an excellent way to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

Blocked Airflow

Air flowing into your air conditioner carries heat from your home to the coil in the system. The coil absorbs this heat, which cools the air. This is the basic process of how your air conditioner works to lower the temperature in your home.

But the heat isn’t delivered to the coil fast enough when your AC system has blocked airflow. The coil then gets too cold and can ice up, preventing the air conditioner from cooling your home effectively. Several things can cause blocked airflow, including dirty or clogged air filters and poorly installed ductwork.

Inadequate Refrigerant Supply

Refrigerant is a special fluid that absorbs heat from the indoor air and carries it to the outdoor unit, where it’s expelled. However, if the refrigerant supply is insufficient, the system can’t absorb enough heat.

Low refrigerant level causes the coils to drop below freezing temperatures. As a result, the normal condensation turns into ice, leading to a less effective AC system.

If you’re in Okeechobee, FL, and need AC repair services, call us at Miller’s Central Air, Inc. Our experts are ready to get your AC system running smoothly again.

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