3 Ways to Choose Heat Pump Repair or Replacement

Replacing a heat pump too early and continuing to fix one beyond repair are both costly mistakes. Therefore, it’s important for homeowners in Lake Placid, FL, to understand when to continue repairing their heat pumps and when to replace them. To make the right decision, you need to consider these factors:

Your System’s Age

Heat pumps reach the end of their service life at some point. Their components become worn out and can no longer operate efficiently. Older heat pumps tend to run continuously, as they have to work harder to meet your temperature needs.

It’s not wise to continue repairing an old system. The best option is to get a new one and enjoy improved efficiency. ENERGY STAR recommends getting a new heat pump every 10 years.

Your System’s Size

An oversized system can’t heat or cool your home efficiently because it’s meant for a bigger space. An undersized system can’t meet your temperature needs because it’s designed for a smaller space.

No matter how many times you repair an undersized or oversized heat pump, it’ll never give you a satisfactory temperature. A replacement is the ideal option.

The Nature of the Problem

Some heat pump problems, such as damaged belts, are easy and inexpensive to repair. It’s better to repair a system with minor issues than replace it. Other problems, such as a faulty compressor, are expensive to repair, so it’s better to install a new heat pump.

If you’re still not sure whether to repair or replace your system, you can talk to one of our senior service technicians to help you decide. Call us at Miller’s Central Air, Inc. for exceptional heat pump services whenever you need assistance with your system. Our team focuses on keeping homeowners comfortable by solving their HVAC issues.

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