The Value of Good Home Insulation in Bowling Green, FL

No matter how warm or cold the climate, insulation has benefits for every home. In addition, whatever type of HVAC system you have, home insulation is vital. Below are five reasons that show the value of good insulation for your Bowling Green, FL, home.

Fire Protection

Insulation, if used in combination with other materials, adds to the fire protection of your home. It aids firestop systems and slows the spread of electrical and grease fires. Smoke from fires negatively impacts indoor air quality and will endanger the occupants in your home.

Maximizes Investment Return

An insulation system properly installed and designed will bring an excellent return on investment. Not only does it bring you a great return on investment, but it’s also a low-risk investment as the forecasted savings are highly accurate.

Prevents Moisture Condensation

Insulation keeps the surface temperatures in the home above the dew point. This prevents moisture damage to the materials in your home. Not only that, but controlling moisture condensation prevents biological growth.

Raises Home Value

According to a study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, for every $1 reduction on annual utility bills, the value of your home rises by $20. In conjunction with an energy-efficient HVAC system, insulation greatly adds to your home’s value, which helps if you ever decide to sell.

Reduces Energy Costs

When senior service technicians properly install your insulation, not only will it keep you cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cooler, but it’ll reduce your utility bills. Insulation reduces energy needs and reduces heat loss by two times on surfaces and hot pipes.

Even though the fall months in Bowling Green, FL, are cooler than the summer months, insulation can increase your home’s comfort and promote a healthier indoor environment. Contact Miller’s Central Air, Inc. today for your home insulation needs and enjoy the benefits that it brings you.

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