The mild winters and hot and humid summers of Lake Placid, FL, cause you to depend on your home’s cooling system for year-round relief. Running your air conditioner all year long means it gets a lot of wear and tear. When you’re ready for a new air conditioner, you’ll have to sort through a lot of options. Here are four types of new cooling systems to consider for your home.

Split Unit

A split system consists of an indoor evaporator, air handler and outdoor condenser. This is in contrast to a packaged system, which has all of these components in one outdoor unit. A split system can be paired with a heat pump, while a packaged system often includes electric resistance heating cools.

Mini-Split System

If your household includes people with different temperature preferences, consider a mini-split cooling system. These systems have up to four indoor units. Each unit includes a thermostat. This allows you to set different temperatures for each zone, customizing your home to each person’s comfort requirements.


When you’re remodeling or adding onto your home, you might want more design flexibility. Traditional air ducts limit the design options and take up a lot of space. A ductless cooling system gives you more options for designing living spaces. They’re also more energy-efficient than ducted systems, which may waste up to 30 percent of the cooled air.

Variable-speed Fans

A single-speed fan and compressor is either 100 percent on or off. New cooling systems offer variable-speed fans. They automatically operate at the lowest speed for a longer cycle time. This means lower energy usage and improved airflow in your home.

Today’s new cooling systems offer energy-efficient, high-tech features to help you enjoy a healthier and more comfortable home. When you’re ready for a new air conditioning system, you may also want to pair it with a smart thermostat for added convenience. To learn more about new cooling systems, contact Miller’s Central Air, Inc.

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