Your heating system in Lake Placid, FL, won’t last forever. Fortunately, you can plan for when your heater suddenly stops working. Here are four signs that will tell you it may be time for a new furnace:

Your Furnace is Ancient

The average furnace runs effectively and efficiently for about 15 years. At this age, it starts losing enough efficiency to make a replacement a wise investment.

Further, older units tend to need more repairs, making your overall operating expense increase. If your unit is nearing the 15-year mark, start making plans now so its replacement isn’t a surprise.

More Repairs Over the Last Two Years

It’s common knowledge in the HVAC industry that furnaces have more repairs in their last two years of service. At some point, the repairs warrant a replacement due to the value of that unit.

Add the costs of your furnace repairs over the last two years and multiply that by your unit’s age. If that exceeds the cost of a new unit, it’s time for a replacement.

Your Burner Flame is Yellow

Your burner flame should burn a steady blue when everything is working correctly. A flickering yellow flame indicates excessive dirt build-up or an improper mixture of oxygen to gas. Either of these are major problems and could be very dangerous if left unresolved.

Increasing Utility Expenses

Your furnace will slowly lose efficiency as it ages due to airflow restrictions and aging components. If you notice your energy consumption exceeds the same month last year, you have an efficiency problem. While neglected maintenance may cause this increase, it may also indicate your system’s service life is nearing its end.

Don’t wait for your house to leave your family in the cold before getting a new furnace. Call the experts at Miller’s Central Air, Inc. to schedule your new furnace installation consultation today.

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