Dryer vents require regular cleaning to improve drying efficiency. Not only that, but according to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers cause 17,000 fires each year from clogged vents. If you’re curious how to keep you and your family safe, read on to learn five signs it’s time to clean your dryer vent in Okeechobee, FL.

Laundry Room Feels Excessively

It’s normal for the dryer to heat the room somewhat but not to the point where it feels excessively hot. Ensure that there’s a proper vent connection before making an appointment for a vent cleaning.

The Dryer Exterior Gets Hot

It’s normal for the dryer exterior to feel either cool to the touch or warm but not to the point where it feels hot. When it feels hot, it means that it’s working harder than normal.

Your Clothes Get Very Hot

When your clothes exit the dryer, they’re supposed to feel comfortably warm but not hot to the touch. Another sign that it’s time to clean your dryer vent is when your clothing smells like it’s burning.

Clothing Takes Longer to Dry

While this is a sign you may need a new dryer, it’s more likely a sign of a clogged dryer vent. When lint blocks the vent, it’ll often take two or three cycles to dry your clothing.

Lint Around the Vent Opening

If you see lint or debris around the vent opening, this is a red flag that you need your dryer vent cleaned as soon as possible. This is a sign of airflow restriction, which makes it easier to start a fire from heat buildup.

If you cleaned your dryer vent and you’re still having problems, you may need a professional vent cleaning. Don’t wait until you’re faced with a minor house fire to call for a professional vent cleaning. We understand the hazards that dirty dryer vents cause, so contact Millers Central Air, Inc. today for an appointment.

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