4 Places to Avoid When Mounting Your HVAC Thermostat

A thermostat keeps track of indoor temperature and relays your desired settings to your HVAC system. However, measurements can be erroneous due to environmental elements like cold and heat; therefore, where you place your thermostat is crucial. Here are some locations to avoid when installing your HVAC thermostat to keep your Avon Park, FL, home comfortable.

Near Windows and Doors

Opening doors and windows allow cool drafts to enter, which might interfere with HVAC thermostat readings. Your HVAC system may operate insufficiently if your thermostat won’t appropriately reflect the air’s temperature. Your HVAC system will also regularly turn on and off due to ongoing temperature changes, resulting in short-cycling.

Near Heat Sources or Direct Sunlight

It’s not advisable to place lamps or TVs close to your HVAC thermostat because they emit heat that may alter the thermostat’s readings. It’s also preferable to keep the thermostat out of bathrooms and the kitchen due to the possibility of interference.

Your thermostat may also detect a higher temperature than it actually is if it’s in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight activates the heat sensors, which may force your air conditioner to operate more frequently than necessary, increasing your energy costs and lowering its effectiveness. In the event that your air conditioner isn’t working properly, our professionals will locate the issue, fix it and improve thermostat performance.

Low Occupancy

You should install your thermostats in rooms where people spend more time to make sure the sensors work and respond to the temperatures in these areas. Placing your thermostat in rooms that you rarely use, such as your hallway, hinders the sensors from recognizing and responding to the rise and fall of temperature. Your HVAC system may run longer than necessary as a result, increasing your energy costs.

Decentralized Location

There’s a considerable probability of receiving erroneous readings if you put the thermostat in place far from the center. The optimum location to take an average temperature reading in your home is in the center, as there’s constant air circulation. Your HVAC system needs a temperature reading that’s more precise to operate more effectively.

An HVAC thermostat is accurate and effective if it keeps your Avon Park, FL, home comfortable. Contact Miller’s Central Air, Inc. to make sure you install your HVAC thermostat where it will be most effective for your house’s heating and cooling demands.

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