Are you completing a major overhaul or a minor renovation to your Port St. Lucie, Florida, home? Keeping your indoor air quality in mind can help preserve your family’s comfort during the project. A renovation can greatly impact indoor air quality, but there are some easy ways to keep IAQ levels high even during construction. Here are three IAQ tips for keeping your indoor air quality healthy during a renovation:

Seal the Ducts

The first step toward improving your home’s indoor air quality is prevention. Construction dust can contain tiny particles that are far finer than normal household dust. Before construction begins, go through the area that you’re renovating and seal all of the ducts in that part of your home. This will prevent that ultra-fine dust from getting into your ductwork and infiltrating other parts of your home. Plus, this dust can build up inside the ductwork. As a result, it can affect your indoor air quality far past the end of your renovation project.

Clean Regularly

During a renovation project, make sure you clean the rest of your home more often than usual. Even if you seal the area, there’s a strong chance that construction dust and other particles will escape and settle around your home. Keep an eye out for dust buildup. Check on upholstery items like rugs, curtains and throw pillows to see if dust is accumulating. Upholstery easily traps dust, so keeping fabric items away from the construction can help prevent irritants from contaminating them.

Ventilate Properly

Lots of fumes can be generated during renovation projects, especially if they involve painting or sealants. Keep your home well-ventilated during and immediately after projects to remove volatile organic compounds from the air and prevent buildup. These compounds can have a dramatic effect on your family’s health. Ventilation is one of the best ways to protect your household.

The experts at Miller’s Central Air, Inc. can help your home’s indoor air quality return to normal after construction. Call us at (772) 209-3778 to set up an appointment today or to learn more about our IAQ services.

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