Spring is the best time to get your cooling system ready for the upcoming summer months. A well-maintained air conditioner enhances the quality of your indoor air and, as a result, your comfort. Here are effective spring HVAC maintenance tips for your Arcadia, FL, home or business:

Check Your HVAC Air Filter

Your HVAC system will operate more smoothly and your energy costs will be lower if your air filter is in good working order. An efficient air filter helps you maintain good indoor air quality.

You should inspect your air filter at least once a month. When it becomes dirty, replace it.

The frequency with which you need to replace your air filter will depend on your household, considering factors such as location and the presence of pets. Change your air filter in the spring to get the season off to a good start.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Throughout the winter, your thermostat has been set to “heat.” Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to set it to “cool.” Aside from adjusting your thermostat settings, investing in a smart or programmable thermostat is a good idea. Self-correcting features in a smart thermostat will help you save money on electricity.

Keep the Condenser Area Clear

It’s a good idea to give your outdoor unit some breathing space to facilitate the airflow it needs to operate properly. Plant flowers and trees far from your outdoor equipment.

You should also clean the area around your condenser unit to ensure no garbage, branches or other debris is near it. Your HVAC unit will work well if the area around your outdoor unit is clean.

Our team of experts provides solutions that diagnose problems before they become harmful to you, your household or your employees. Our service technicians are NATE-certified. Contact Miller’s Central Air, Inc. today for your spring HVAC maintenance.

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