Can My Home’s Landscaping Improve HVAC Efficiency?

All the way through November, homeowners in Port St. Lucie, Florida, are using their air conditioners to beat the heat. And while we might have trimmed back some of our landscaping to prepare for hurricane season, we still need to also think about how it can help our homes stay cooler. Think about these tips for improving your HVAC efficiency when you’re planning your landscaping:

Add Shade Around Your Home

Adequate shade is a major player in creating a better environment for your home’s HVAC efficiency. The more shade you have, especially around windows and doors, the less sunlight and heat will seep into your home. As a result, you’ll lighten your air conditioner’s workload.

Here in Florida, you need to focus on creating shade on the southern and western walls of your home, where you’re going to get the most sun exposure. Think about planting trees in groups, as they’ll create a better cooling effect. Shrubs work well around lower windows.

Keep Vegetation Trimmed Back

Like any good homeowner in Florida, you know to keep tree branches from growing too close to your house in case a major storm knocks something down. But part of your regular landscaping maintenance should also put special focus on your air conditioner’s outdoor unit. If shrubs or vines grow too close to the unit, the housing can become clogged and result in reduced airflow.

Try to keep at least three feet of space directly around the unit. You should also remove any yard debris that blows into the unit’s housing from when you’re mowing the lawn or blowing leaves. These can blow into your unit and also lower its operational efficiency.

Thinking strategically with your landscaping can help your air conditioner stay efficient through the long, hot days. But if you need a little more help making sure your AC system is working at its best, call Miller’s Central Air, Inc. at (772) 209-3778. One of our experienced service technicians can diagnose your system and make an informed recommendation.

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