Storm season is on the horizon, and you’re starting to prepare your property for it. As you work on your preparations, don’t forget about the HVAC system in your Venus, FL, home. Here are some key steps to help avoid damage during the next storm.

Clean Up Your Property

Be sure to secure any loose materials around your property. This includes not only yard debris but also lawn furniture and more. This prevents storm winds from picking up debris and damaging your home and HVAC system.

Cover Your Condensing Unit

Another important way to protect your system is to cover your unit with a tarp or AC cover. Keep in mind that once you put the cover on, you won’t be able to run your system. Wait to put the cover on until just before the storm arrives.

Elevate Your Condensing Unit

One of the primary problems with tropical weather systems is the flooding they bring with them. This flooding causes significant damage to outside condensing units, leading to expensive AC repairs. Consider hiring an HVAC professional to professionally lift your condensing unit to protect it from flooding.

Kill the Power

Power surges are common, especially among stronger tropical storms, which can damage your system. Run your system a little colder than normal to prepare for the storm. Then kill the power at the breaker to help minimize the risk of surges.

Professional Post-Storm Inspection

The storm may have damaged your system, even if there are no apparent signs as you inspect it. Consider having a post-storm maintenance visit to ensure it’s ready to continue cooling your home.

Storm season comes every year, and you can prepare to keep your HVAC system safe. Call to schedule a routine or post-storm HVAC maintenance visit with one of the experts at Miller’s Central Air, Inc.

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