Whole-Home Air Purifiers and Other IAQ Solutions in Lake Placid, FL

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, your indoor air is five times more contaminated than the air outside. The culprits in your home’s air pollution are pollen, dust and other contaminants. Learn how to make your indoor air in Lake Placid, FL, cleaner with whole-home air purifiers and more.

How Whole-Home Air Purifiers Work

Whole-home air purifiers work together with your cooling and heating system. As your air conditioner works to cool your home in the summer, the air passes through a filter that eliminates harmful particles. This process removes allergens in your home’s air.

Your whole-home air purifier employs the use of different types of filters. Media filters capture large particles in your indoor air, while UV filters use ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria. There are electrostatic filters made specifically to grasp small particles floating in your living space.

Cleaner and Safer Air

Most whole-home air cleaners you know have germicidal capabilities. This means they filter disease-causing viruses and bacteria from your indoor air. Besides dust, whole-home air cleaners remove pollen and pet dander. As a result, they help you avoid respiratory illnesses.

Removal of Odors and Dust Accumulation

Whole-home air purifiers also eliminate the smells that come with the contaminants in your home. For example, the purifiers remove smoke particles, leaving your home’s air fresh.

Additionally, whole-home air purifiers save you the trouble of dusting your books, electronics and surfaces. This is because your system traps most of the dust.

Longer HVAC System Life

Accumulated dirt clogs your HVAC system, reducing its life. It also reduces the system’s efficiency, pushing it to work more to cool your living space. A clogged system increases your energy bills.

Clogged parts also mean you have to carry out frequent maintenance for your HVAC system to work efficiently. Whole-home air purifiers filter he contaminants that would otherwise get to your system. This saves you on maintenance costs and energy bills.

Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

You can consider using ventilators to clean the air in your living space. A ventilator removes your stale indoor air and brings in a fresh wave of outdoor air.

It pre-conditions and dehumidifies the incoming air during summer to keep you more comfortable. The ventilator removes odors and chemical vapors, leaving your indoor air fresh and healthy.

You can improve your indoor air quality through natural ventilation. Natural ventilation allows air movement through your open doors and windows.

Natural ventilation keeps your indoor air clean while at the same time saving you energy costs since you don’t require mechanical aid to complete the process. It doesn’t require expensive maintenance practices, further helping you save on cost.

Fabric traps dust mites in your home’s bedding, curtains and cushions. They can be very uncomfortable on your throat or nose. When you clean your fabrics more often, you destroy these dust mites, keeping you and your family healthy.

Indoor air quality testing is another technique you can use to improve your home’s air quality. Indoor air quality inspections are very instrumental in identifying bacterial growth in your HVAC system. The inspections enable you to notice problems quickly and solve them before they deteriorate and pose a health risk to you and your family.

An IAQ inspection can give you detailed feedback on contaminants present in your indoor air. You’ll also get suggestions on how to destroy these contaminants as effectively as possible.

Whole-home air purifiers clean the air in the whole of your living space as opposed to a small space. Investing in one is something you can think about. Contact Miller’s Central Air, Inc. for top-notch HVAC services in Lake Placid, FL.

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