What is Home Automation, and How Does It Benefit You?

Homeowners in Stuart, Florida, have likely seen the barrage of home automation advertisements on television and online marketing channels lately. You’ve probably asked yourself, “What is home automation, and how does it benefit me?”

Home automation is a part of the Internet of Things (IoT), a network of connected smart homes, vehicles, and other products that can communicate and exchange data. An automated home, also called a smart home, includes systems embedded with network connectivity components that react to a homeowner’s actions and commands. The systems exchange information with each other.

Here’s what you need to know about home automation and its benefits:

Home Automation Improves Quality of Life

You can control nearly everything in a smart home via a central interface. That includes everything from windows and door locks to pet feeders and other robotic technology. Smart homes beat traditional “dumb homes” in energy efficiency, savings potential, security and convenience. Artificial intelligence will increasingly replace even today’s smart home technology. As a result, it’ll improve the quality of life for homeowners in Stuart, Florida.

Different Smart Home Technologies

Although hundreds of types of automated home technologies have been brought to market, the following encompasses the most widely used smart home systems:

Smart HVAC Systems

Consumers spend more on heating and cooling than on any other home utility. Smart HVAC systems save consumers more money than any other automated home system.

Smart zoning with automated thermostats and added motion detectors allow for differing temperatures in different rooms. You can also turn on the heat or air conditioner only when you’re occupying a specific room. Intelligent controllers can even adjust your smart thermostat for you.

Smart Home Security

Remotely controlled lights provide increased security. You can turn lights on and off or move them up and down, even while you’re away from home. You can command smoke alarms to unlock windows and doors when they detect smoke. Water sensors can alert you to flooding.

Basic smart intrusion prevention systems include motion sensors for doors and windows as well as cameras with temperature and humidity sensors. These systems can store data on the cloud. All modern systems include a way to watch the house from anywhere in the world. They send you push notifications and dial 911 on their own when an event triggers the automatic response. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about feeling threatened in your home ever again.

Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchens include refrigerators and pantries that keep track of your food inventory. They reorder items automatically when they run out. Connected coffee makers, ovens, and stoves allow for perfect beverage and food preparation according to the measurements and drink or food types you enter into a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Smart Energy Management

Smart Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) can encompass and control various aspects of other home systems, including the HVAC system, lighting, and other scheduled and unscheduled appliances and systems. HEMS manage renewable energy and other energy distribution, routing energy through a home’s smart grid. As a result, they maximize efficiency and savings.

We Can Help You Automate Your Home

Consumer demand for increasingly connected smart homes continues to grow as fast as the industry’s capabilities. Because you can easily convert a traditional home into a smart home without purchasing expensive smart home appliances, smart home technology comes with a low barrier to entry attractive even to those new to home automation.

For more information about home automation and how it benefits homeowners in Stuart, Florida, and the surrounding communities, contact Miller’s Central Air, Inc. today. One of our knowledgeable comfort advisors is standing by to guide you toward investing in the best home automation systems for your property. Call us at 863-699-5455.

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