What Are Energy Recovery Ventilators?

Ventilation in Stuart, FL, homes improves indoor air quality, reduces condensation and protects the occupants from health issues. There are various ways of regulating airflow in your living space, and using a whole-home ventilation system is one of them. Read on to learn what energy recovery ventilators are, how they work and their benefits.

What Are Energy Recovery Ventilators?

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is a piece of equipment installed in your ductwork that uses a ventilation system and a heat exchanger to control ventilation in a residential or commercial property. It’s more suitable for areas where homes have excess humidity and develop air quality issues. ERVs have become more popular today since constructors are building air-tight homes to save energy.

How Energy Recovery Ventilators Work

The ERV uses its two fans to transfer moisture and heat between the air coming in and going out of your home. This process helps to bring in fresh air and eliminate the excessively humid, stale air. It also reduces the amount of energy that your HVAC system uses to heat or cool indoor air.

During summer, the ERV expels the conditioned indoor air and, at the same time, cools the fresh air entering the house. It helps to ensure that the inside of your house remains as comfortable as possible.

These ventilators also transfer moisture the same way they transfer heat. The paper material on the heat exchanger usually facilitates the transfer of excess humidity between the outgoing and incoming air.

During summer, the ERV expels the stale dehumidified air out of the house. However, this air steals some humidity from the fresh, moist air entering the house. This exchange process makes the indoor atmosphere less humid and more comfortable.

Benefits of ERVs

Most homes in Stuart, FL, are energy-efficient due to the tight structure. However, this design also makes them retain air pollutants that can interfere with your health. Here are the benefits of installing ERVs.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Household chemicals, pet hair and dust can contaminate the air in your house. The ERV flushes out these pollutants as it removes hot, stale air from the house. It also filters the incoming air and captures contaminants before they enter your home.

This process improves the quality of indoor air. With high-quality indoor air, you will have better concentration and sleep and be less vulnerable to respiratory conditions.

Reduces Energy Costs

The ERV facilitates heat and moisture transfer between the air coming and going out of the house. This means that it pre-conditions the indoor air and reduces the work your HVAC system must do to maintain comfortable temperatures during summer and winter.

Decreasing energy usage boosts the system’s efficiency and lowers your utility bills. Moreover, preventing pollutants from clogging the HVAC air filters reduces wear and extends its lifespan. If you have a concern about the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, you should consider scheduling HVAC maintenance.

Controls Humidity Levels

Another benefit of an ERV is that it controls the humidity levels in your Stuart, FL, home by transferring moisture between the outgoing and incoming air. This makes your home more comfortable and reduces the workload of the air conditioner during summer.

The process also prevents condensation issues that trigger allergy attacks and affect indoor air quality. However, homeowners should note that an ERV is different from a dehumidifier.

Promotes a Healthier and More Comfortable Home

ERVs increase the comfort levels in your home by maintaining comfortable temperatures and humidity levels. They also help to control unpleasant odors and ensure that the air in your living space smells fresh. These systems get rid of the pollutants that can cause eye irritation, allergies and other health issues as well.

An energy recovery ventilator is a smart and cost-effective solution to a stuffy and uncomfortable home during summer. It introduces fresh air into a house without increasing energy costs. Schedule an appointment with Miller’s Central Air, Inc. to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions.

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