5 Lies About Your HVAC System in Lorida, FL

Your HVAC system is an essential component of your life as it regulates your indoor temperature and maintains your comfort. You must separate facts from fiction to use your system efficiently and save on costs. Here are five myths about your HVAC system in Lorida, FL:

The Bigger Your System, the Better

Some people believe that having a bigger unit will provide more comfort to their home. Whereas there’s some truth to this myth, it’s not entirely true. The size of your HVAC system will determine its efficiency in cooling your home.

However, bigger isn’t always better. You need to find a system that’s appropriately sized for your home. When your system is too big for your home, you’ll end up wasting a lot of energy leading to higher cooling bills.

On the other hand, if your system is too small for your cooling requirements, it’ll cycle more frequently, increasing wear and tear. This will reduce your home comfort as you’ll experience cold and hot spots. A senior service technician can help find the right size system for your home that will maximize efficiency.

If There’s Nothing Wrong, Don’t Fix It

Another common myth is that if your HVAC system is running fine, there’s no need for routine checks. This is a myth, and it’s very wrong since routine checks will help you save a lot of money down the line. Your system has many parts such as coils, belts and motors that need regular service to operate efficiently.

Your HVAC system can have a mechanical problem even when it’s operating normally. Preventive maintenance will ensure reliability and energy efficiency. Your system will provide consistent comfort without breakdowns that require costly repairs.

During a routine check, a senior service technician will inspect your system and fix any loose components. You’ll also help to increase the service lifespan of your system.

Closing Vents Will Save Energy

The common belief is that closing vents in unoccupied rooms will save you money since you won’t have to pay for the energy to cool the room. This isn’t true because closing the vents will cost you more since you block your home’s airflow. Your system distributes heat in a circular pattern, and a blockage in the flow of air will lower the efficiency of your system.

When your HVAC system is straining to perform its operations, it consumes more energy leading to high energy bills. It also increases wear and tear on your system, which may lead to frequent breakdowns and costly repairs. Closing the vents can stress the air ducts and cause air to leak if unproperly sealed.

Opening all the vents, even in rooms you rarely use, will increase airflow and improve your indoor air quality. This will also improve your home comfort since cold rooms will not drag heat from the areas that you are heating.

Ceiling Fans Improve Your System’s Efficiency

Some people believe that their HVAC system won’t have to run as much if they leave their ceiling fans on. They couldn’t be further from the truth as fans don’t cool air. Fans work by circulating air throughout your home and create a wind-chill effect on your skin.

On the other hand, fans can help you save on energy costs by lowering your thermostat a few degrees. However, this only works if the room is in use. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting more energy if you leave a fan running in an unoccupied room.

The Location of the Thermostat Doesn’t Matter

You might have heard that you can place your thermostat anywhere in your house. This isn’t true as the location of your thermostat can affect its efficiency. Your thermostat needs to take accurate readings to regulate your home temperature efficiently.

Placing your thermostat near objects that throw off heat or in direct sunlight will lead to inaccurate readings. Other places that you shouldn’t place your thermostat include near windows, unoccupied rooms and near hot pipes.

Miller’s Central Air, Inc. provides quality air conditioning repair and heating services. We offer emergency HVAC services and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today for all your HVAC maintenance and installation services.

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