6 HVAC Issues You May Experience in Older Homes in Lake Placid, FL

When purchasing a classic home, the efficiency and functionality of the HVAC system are among the factors you should consider. You will rely on this system to keep the house comfortable. Here are six HVAC system problems you may see in older homes in Lake Placid, FL:

Aging HVAC System

Most heating and cooling systems have a lifespan of approximately 15 years. Various preventative strategies, like regular maintenance, can extend this period. If the previous homeowner failed to observe these measures, you’ll likely deal with an inefficient HVAC system and an uncomfortable space.

An aging and outdated heating and cooling system may produce unusual noises. This situation can be frustrating because it’ll affect your sleep quality, especially if the sounds are too loud.

You’ll have to spend more money doing frequent repairs or replacing the entire system. If you’re dealing with such issues, contact one of our expert and reputable senior service technicians to help you choose and install a new HVAC system that suits your house.

Outdated Thermostats

Over the years, thermostats have changed in terms of functionality. However, many older homes still use outdated thermostats with obsolete technology and basic controls.

These devices cause various issues like uneven heating and frequent system cycling. They might also fail to record accurate indoor temperatures. This will increase your HVAC system’s workload and make it more vulnerable to premature breakdowns.

You can prevent these issues by upgrading to a smart or programmable thermostat. These modern devices control your HVAC system based on factors like your daily life patterns to ensure that it only runs when needed. Additionally, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats allow you to turn your heating and cooling system on or off remotely.

Uneven Heating

Historic homes in Lake Placid, FL, will likely experience uneven heating during winter. This is because the aging HVAC system cannot provide adequate heated air and distribute it evenly throughout the house.

This issue is common in a house that relies on one thermostat to control the temperature of the entire space. Older homes also experience insufficient heating due to inadequate insulation.

You can solve this issue by hiring one of our experts to install smart thermostat sensors in different wings of your house. This way, you can adjust the temperature of every room, depending on your heating preferences.

Leaky Duct System

As ducts age, they experience normal tear and wear and weaken the sealant at the joints and elbows. As a result, warm air will escape through these spaces.

This will force your HVAC system to work harder and run more frequently to keep your home warm. Additionally, your energy bills will increase significantly.

You may not notice this issue until one of our qualified senior service technicians inspects the system. During the tuneup session, our expert will seal the ductwork to enable it to retain heat, hence relieving your HVAC system from some of its workload.

Less Energy Efficiency

The aging HVAC systems in historic homes in Lake Placid, FL consume more energy to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. For this reason, you are likely to incur high energy bills. Therefore, consider investing in a modern and efficient heating and cooling system.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Classic homes have gaps on the doors and windows that easily allow airborne pollutants inside. Leaky ductwork may also allow some contaminants to bypass the air filters.

Sometimes, your HVAC system may lack the capacity to filter out all the particles. If you fail to take proper measures, these particles may build up, clog the air ducts and restrict airflow in your home.

The indoor air quality impacts your home’s comfort and health. For example, a higher concentration of dust will trigger headaches and other allergies.

It will also increase the risk of contracting respiratory illnesses like asthma and lung disease. You can improve this situation by investing in various IAQ solutions. You can also change the air filters more frequently.

Aging, outdated and inefficient HVAC components cause discomfort, health issues and high energy bills in historic homes. Schedule an appointment with our experienced senior service technicians at Miller’s Central Air, Inc. for HVAC maintenance services.

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