How to Choose the Right Commercial HVAC System in Stuart, FL

When it comes to commercial and residential HVAC systems, they vary depending on function, size and efficiency. Picking the right commercial HVAC system for your business requires some research. Here are some things to consider when selecting the ideal commercial HVAC system for your business in Stuart, FL.

Know the Differences

Before you search for your HVAC system options, it’s important to understand the differences between commercial and residential HVAC systems. Residential systems tend to be smaller in size compared to commercial units. This is because they tend to heat and cool a much smaller area compared to commercial units.

Besides the size, commercial units may have specialized requirements like the ability to zone temperature control to different rooms or to heat an uninsulated space like a warehouse. Due to size, complexity and specialization, a commercial HVAC system will cost you more to maintain, install and repair. That’s why you must hire a professional to help you choose the right one.


Reliability is important for any HVAC system, whether commercial or residential. However, HVAC in commercial buildings can mean the difference between losing and retaining customers.

At times, it might also be challenging to identify a poorly running commercial HVAC system. This is because commercial systems sit in unused rooms or even the rooftops. However, regular tuneup schedules and a careful look at HVAC utility bills can give you some idea that your unit is having issues.

When choosing a system, consider a unit type that your business is familiar with and that’s easy to service and repair. This can save you money when you schedule regular HVAC system maintenance to evade costly repairs.


When purchasing a commercial HVAC system, running and maintenance costs are major deciding factors. Nevertheless, if you consider monthly commercial energy expenses, there’s more of a chance of saving energy by consulting a professional. Although you may want to go for the cheapest option, you may end up using more capital in the long run.

Indoor Air Quality

Low indoor air quality can make customers and employees feel sick. Besides that, it can also aggravate illnesses such as asthma and other air-related diseases. It’s also good to note that exposing your employees to low indoor air quality could interfere with their productivity by exposing them to headaches and other related conditions.

Many HVAC systems come with in-line air purifying systems. When choosing a commercial HVAC system, consider the kinds of impurities likely to be in the air due to both the business’s activities and the local environment. This can help you choose the right air purifying system as a part of the HVAC unit.


Choosing an efficient unit means saving on utility bills and having a system that doesn’t have to work overly hard to heat or cool your commercial space. You can improve the efficiency of an HVAC unit by insulating walls and windows.

Fortunately, many current HVAC systems have efficiency ratings that can help you pick the right one for your commercial space. You can also use experienced senior service technicians to help you choose an HVAC system with additional features to improve energy efficiency.


The layout of your building will also make a difference when choosing a system. A large space can make it difficult for the system to heat or cool the area efficiently. If you want to free up some space, you can choose a roof unit over a room unit.

Due to Florida’s high humidity, systems may need to work most of the time in order to deliver comfortable room temperature and may work best in conjunction with a dehumidifying system. If you want to buy a commercial HVAC unit, contact a professional to help you develop the ideal system for your space.

If you want to know more about the things to consider when buying a commercial HVAC system, call Miller’s Central Air, Inc. to book an appointment today. We have qualified senior service technicians who can help you attain your office’s comfort. You’ll save energy and money, too.

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