6 Easily Avoidable HVAC Thermostat Mistakes in Lake Placid, FL

A thermostat relays your temperature needs to the HVAC system. Therefore, using the device improperly impacts your indoor comfort. In the following article, we will cover thermostat mistakes in Lake Placid, FL, and how to avoid making them.

Installing the Device Incorrectly

A thermostat monitors indoor temperatures and signals the HVAC system to adjust these temperatures to your desired levels. If you install the device near windows and doors, it’ll detect different temperatures from the rest of your house.

For instance, when the device is in a location where sun rays are striking it directly, it’ll read higher temperatures than the rest of your house. Placing the device near windows and doors exposes it to drafts, which may alter its perception of indoor temperatures.

Also, it’s not wise to install the device near heat-generating or cooling appliances. Consider installing your thermostat in an area that accurately depicts the temperatures in the rest of your home.

You can choose a centrally located room in your house for the installation. Also, ensure the thermostat is out of reach of children to prevent them from tampering with the settings.

Cranking Down the Thermostat

When you walk into an uncomfortably warm house during summer, your first instinct is to crank down the thermostat to lower the indoor temperatures as fast as possible. Contrary to popular opinion, this action doesn’t lower your indoor temperatures quickly.

Instead, you’ll make your HVAC system work for a longer period. Overworking increases the strain on its components, causing more wear and tear. This additional stress reduces the system’s lifespan.

You’ll also pay more repair costs due to the frequent breakdowns. Always input your normal preferred temperature rather than setting the thermostat much lower.

Using Incorrect Thermostat Settings

There are two thermostat settings that control your HVAC system’s fan: “ON” and “AUTO.” When you set the fan to “ON,” the fan will run continuously even when your system isn’t cooling your house. The fan distributes warm air since the system is no longer cooling your house.

On the other hand, the “AUTO” setting makes the fan run only when the HVAC system is in a cooling cycle. This helps to distribute the cooled air evenly in your home, making the rooms more comfortable. Also, remember to set the thermostat to “HEAT” when you want warm temperatures in your house and “COOL” when you need low temperatures.

Opting for DIY Repairs

Homeowners may want to use shortcuts to cut costs by attempting to repair a faulty thermostat by themselves or engaging unprofessional technicians. This may not only damage your thermostat but could also put you in harm’s way as the device contains multiple electrical connections.

Thermostats are complex devices that require special training and unique tools. Therefore, always call a professional senior service technician to fix the device for you.

Using an Outdated Thermostat

Thermostat technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, if you’re using an outdated thermostat that requires manual operation, you’re missing out on a lot. Modern thermostats allow you to save energy and experience more comfort.

For instance, with a newer thermostat, you can control your device remotely if you forget to set it while leaving the house in a hurry. Some devices also generate periodic reports showing your energy usage trend and recommend better usage tips.

Modern thermostats even remind you when to change your air filter and schedule a maintenance service appointment, thus helping keep your system in top shape. Also, these devices learn when you usually leave and return to the house and automatically regulate indoor temperatures according to this schedule.

Failing to Read the Manual

Like any electronic device, a thermostat comes with a manual. This manual helps to guide the user about how to use the thermostat efficiently without stressing the HVAC system. You’ll learn how to program a new target temperature, override existing settings and create a new cooling schedule.

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