Dear Mr. Miller,

I was very impressed and completely satisfied with the service provided by Shawn Johnson on November 15, 2017.  He is a real asset to the service staff of your company.  We have been having long drying times with our electric dryer for quite a while.  Shawn first determined that the connector hose at the dryer was compressed which possibly reduced air flow.  He expressed great concern about possible damage to the roof vent ductwork if he used the normal rotating brush to clear the hose and the roof vent.  He elected not to chance damaging the hose and suggested that it would probably be safer to use a blower on the dryer end and clear the duct that way.  With great effort, he ensured the blockage at the outlet was clear.  What a good job!!!

When he was done it looked like we had a snow storm on our roof and the ductwork was not damaged.

Friends at Millers:

On August 2nd, a contract was signed with Miller’s Central Air, initiated by Christian Brotons, for the installation of a unit on August 3rd.

At approximately 9:00 AM personnel, Fidel and Samuel, from Miller’s arrived.  Fifteen minutes to survey the situation and unload the truck for the necessary equipment to begin the assignment.  Professionalism initiated…

Possessing that great skill, expertise and experience, in a field or activity – old unit “disconnected” and whatever was not needed for proper installation of the new unit saw its demise.  Within a matter of hours the pile of debris increased and boxes of new apparatus were put in place.  Unit performance to satisfaction of installers initiated.

Installation of the control unit.  Fidel, prior to entering the front door, placed protective “coveralls” on his shoes, for which he was commended.  This simple concern for the customer’s property had not been seen with any other company requiring entry for repairs, or other property overhauls, for many years.  It gets better – the system did not perform properly and required several trips between the heating/cooling and the control unit.  Fidel was advised that the repetitious trips did not require the constant on/off use of the “coveralls”.  Fidel agreed and put on his “coveralls”.  Once everything appeared to be working properly we had the benefit of “visitors” – Fidel and Samuel insisted that their departure would be based on “EVERYTHING WORKING PROPERLY”.

A final token of professionalism – area cleanliness.  Everything that resulted from unit removal and unit replacement was gone.  Correction – a piece of copper wire approximately 10 inches long was left behind (we needed an element of humor).                        

What more can be said?  If we ever would need repairs, of any type, and were given a choice of repair individuals it would not take a genius to figure out who we would select.

Dear Sirs:

On March 27, 2017 one of your employees, named Christian, came out to my house and explained to me my options for purchasing a new Trane air conditioner and heater unit for my house.  He is very knowledgeable about the products you sell and I felt confident to go ahead and purchase the new Trane unit.  I was surprised and happy at how quickly you were able to install it.  On March 29th, two of your employees, Joel and Oscar, came out and installed the new unit.  They were also knowledgeable about their job and did a good job and very quickly, I might add.  I was very impressed with Joel because he seems very young to me and it seems in this day and age, most young men are growing up with no direction or desire to become good adults.  Joel was very polite, well mannered, and respectful of me and my house and it was a pleasure to watch him work.  Joel and Oscar quickly cleaned up after the installation and I am very pleased with the unit and how it operates.  Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my needs and please let your employees know how much their great work attitude and ethic is appreciated by your customers.


Can’t thank you and your staff enough for your courtesy, excellent service and follow up.  We are thankful every day that we chose Miller’s to install and maintain our new system.  #10 in all categories is the rating I gave you folks on the Trane Survey card.  Well deserved.

Dear Sir:

“Thank-you” for your service and honesty!  I didn’t get the techs name but “I love him”.  He got the air going. Me and the dogs had a good night sleep after being in heat for a day and a half.  I gave our neighbor your magnet also, and you will be the ones we call in need.  Another company had been here earlier in the day to only leave me in the heat and a choice of $2,000 or $4,500 to fix it, and that wouldn’t have been until Monday or Tuesday.  So glad I called you!  Thank you.

Miller’s Central Air,


I want you to know that no one at Miller AC asked me to write this, I chose to. PLEASE READ ALL of THIS before you make a decision, as I guarantee you, you will be glad you did.

My name is Steve Lawrence and I live in Lake Placid Florida.

When I moved here in June of 2005 and bought my house there was a sticker on the outside ac unit for Miller AC. When I asked around 98% of the people used or were using Miller AC, the other 1% were using another company, and there is always that 1% who can find fault with anything.

They send someone out and I was so impressed with their professionalism that I chose to get on their 2 time a year plan to check out my unit. It wasn’t until about 6 years that I started having issues with the unit and seeing how it was a Trane, with a warranty, that they worked with me in resolving the issues. I dropped the maintenance plan about 2 + years ago, something that was not a good idea. Everything was working fine, besides what could go wrong.

Seeing how the unit was not being serviced it started having internal issues I was unaware of. There were 4 of us in the house and my other half was suffering horribly with constant runny nose, and sneezing. She said it was allergies from all the pollen etc. The problem was when we were elsewhere for any length of time she wasn’t as bad.

The other issue was that the unit would come on, get the house cool, go off and it would get warm and humid, and that cycle on and off was all the time with the same results.

This brings me to 2016 when I was in a building supply, major chair store. There was a company offering free estimates on AC units and I figured, why not. They called me, we set a time and they sent someone. He was all set to give me an estimate and I asked “How are you going to do that if you don’t know what I need, and where are your tools?” He said he gives estimates only, and if I wanted them to tell me IF I needed a unit it would cost me $89.00, and that they would have to send someone else on a different day to evaluate the system. “RED FLAG for me”. Telling me that the owner of the company took care of his contractors by giving them the deals that he and others would like to get who worked there.

If a company is not taking care of their people, and helping them with their own AC units what does that say about a company? The people who work there are the company, they made them who they are.

I called Miller AC and Christian came out, he used to service my system and he is a good man and I trust him as he never gave me a reason not to. He SHOWED me the issues, SHOWED me how the system was not working properly, and explained to me how the new systems were more efficient and the monthly bill would drop, and it has quite a bit. I was interested in a system similar to what I owned, yet he explained to me how a slightly larger unit with a variable speed fan would draw out the humidity and how the house would be balanced with cool air ALL the time, and it is. He said my new normal cool would not be what I was used to, how I would have to raise the temp as it would be a lot colder, he is correct as I need a blanket at night. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you get a variable speed unit as I promise you it will be the best investment you make. I also chose the 10 year parts and labor warranty. Peace of mind is worth everything to me. Please also note I do NOT work for Miller AC and I do NOT get compensated in any way for this. I am a very satisfied customer and customer service is everything to me. Oh, and the other company called me back 3 ½ weeks later, not good.

If you want to contact me about this feel free as Christian has my number and I said he could give it out. Date of install; 9-15-16 Date of this letter 11-13-16 Wanted to wait to write this letter after a full month of it being in so I could experience everything he told me. You will be happy too!!!!!

Steve Lawrence

October 25, 2016

Dear Rick Miller,

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us with excellent service on the installation of our new air conditioning system. I was very pleased with the quality of service in all aspects of the experience.

Christian was very thorough in his estimate for replacement. He gave us a few options to choose from. Having the cash rebate was an incentive to us as well. Everything was handled in a very professional and timely manner once we made our decision.

The installation process went very smoothly. Oscar and Joel did an excellent job. It was very obvious that Oscar has been doing this for a while as he did not leave any stone unturned to make sure everything was perfect.

All the follow-up details regarding the warranty and the Duke Energy rebate were also handled in a very efficient manner by Teresa.

Obviously, there were less expensive alternatives out there to choose from, however, I am familiar with the long standing reputation of the Trane brand. I decided to spend the extra money and feel it will sel’Ve us well beyond our years at our home.

I am looking forward to working with your company for my service calls in the years ahead.

Again, you have a wonderful group of people associated with Miller’s. I appreciate the excellent and professional service that was provided.


October 12, 2015

Miller’s Central Air, Inc

I recently received my invitation for an annual maintenance inspection from Miller’s. This was brought to mind Friday afternoon when I noticed water on the garage floor at the base of the air handler. At that time I called Miller’s to schedule this needed service and was told a technician would be there later in the afternoon to provide the inspection.

Jose arrived a little after 4:00 PM and quickly attacked the issue. He reported a plugged drain could easily be corrected and that he would continue with the inspection. Along the way he discovered a weak motor. After discussing this situation with me Jose continued with the repair.

I was thoroughly impressed with the demeanor of this gentleman as he arrived when most people would be concluding their work day. He maintained a most friendly and accommodating manner throughout his stay. I felt he provided for me the best service he could despite the time of day; and, with a weekend approaching. He mentioned too, he had another call to go. I applaud Miller’s for sending a representative with the qualities Jose demonstrated to take care of my air conditioning needs.


Dear Rick,

Allan and I would like to thank your staff for their prompt response to my request for help this week!  Doug came right out to check our system for Air Quality.  Theresa scheduled our duct cleaning the next day.  Dorman and Eric did a very professional job of cleaning, sanitizing and cleaning up!

Thus far I have had two nights of sleep – no cough, no congestion, no pitchforks in my ears!  Hopefully we have solved part of my health puzzle.

We wanted you to know how much we appreciate the concern and personal touch of Doug, Theresa, Dorman and Eric!  Please give them our thanks!!!  You are fortunate to employ such caring folks!

Thanks again from us both!

Dear Rick,

Yesterday Teresa in her usually efficient manner called to verify my appointment to have a new dryer pipe vent installed. Today, right on schedule Dorman showed up and began the installation.
It was a very hot day and a tough installation. Dorman did a fantastic job and when completed he ensured that I was satisfied with the installation and air flow.

As in previous communication to you, your customer service is beyond parallel. If more businesses could mirror the courtesy and professionalism of your staff our country would be far better off. Whatever your motivating factor is, keep it going, it makes it easy to choose your company as our provider of central air services.

-R. Robinson


Millers Central Air, Inc

I can only thank you for all the help I received from the first phone call to completion of my problem.

The techs were helpful and efficient. Wasn’t an easy task and they made it look easy.

Again, I posted on Facebook how helpful your company was and received many likes.

Thank you,

-Lynda McKee


To The Miller Team,

This card says it all. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our A.C. system is perfect. Your professionalism and follow up throughout the whole process was A+++++.

We are so happy we chose Miller. Even though your quotation wasn’t the lowest, our decision was also based on your reputation.

It was definitely the right decision.

Thank you again,

-Paul and Hope Heck


Dear Sir,

We would like to commend your company for your professionalism.

We called today at 4:45, right at the end of a normal business day, to say that our air conditioning was not functioning. On a 90 degree day, that is quite an issue. Your technician, Jesse, was here withinthe hour and had the problem resolved quickly. It turned out that we had a faulty thermostat, and Jesse produced not one but three replacement options for us to choose from. No going back to base for a spare part; it was already in the truck.

We had earlier, in February, enjoyed your quick response and efficient repair to our heating system, on that occasion, Todd was the skillful technician.

We shall certainly be recommending your services to any of our neighbors who require heating or cooling assistance.

With many thanks.


-David and Margaret Jacobsen


I think your company is the poster child for the way business should be run and few are. I’m very satisfied with the work and your crew, all are polite, knowledgeable and professional.   You’re doing a great job – thank you.

-June G.


Thank you for ten years of friendly, prompt, professional, courteous, efficient, reasonably priced support and service for my home. That includes the wonderful, high efficiency newly installed system I recently had done to replace my 25 year old unit which your firm kept running so well until its demise.

All of your technicians have been great. Millers Central Air will be highly recommended to anyone that I encounter.

Thank you again for so many years of top-notch service.



Thank you to all the staff. Appreciate the fix on a holiday.

-Rich H.


Shawn was the service technician this year and I wanted to tell you that he was very professional and also very personable. I thank you for the quality service that you have given these past 12 years.

-Darlene C.


Your service has been excellent. Your service technicians are capable and polite. They cover their shoes before coming inside. If all services were as good, businesses would prosper instead of closing their doors.

-G.T., Lake Placid

It is reassuring that your company’s service policy has a strong foundation in customer service. I really appreciate the outstanding service, thoughtfulness and professionalism of your employees.

Your staff and maintenance technicians are the best I have encountered and remain the sole reason why your service has been the exclusive organization for my air conditioning and heating needs and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

-Ralph R.


I have been a customer for about nine years. Miller Central Air Conditioning has been one of the best companies I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have dealt with many over the years and I will continue to happily endorse Miller Central Air Conditioning and its professional, honest and alacrity in regard to customer service.

Your salesman, Christian, was straight-up and very informed. He indicated my options and when I checked his facts, they were dead-on. The assistance he provided to help me with the financial arrangements for my choice of options (to purchase a new system) was again – spot-on.

Your technical staff were terrific. They certainly knew their job, were polite and considerate, and they even cleaned up after their work was done. They seemed to me to be extremely capable and they were excellent representatives for your company as was Christian, and by the way, your front office staff as well. You have some fine technicians and staff.

I am indeed 100% satisfied. Your training program must be awfully good, because your people demonstrate excellence. That goes for the service technicians over these years who have performed my maintenance calls. Everyone has done a very professional job.

-Leo S.


I had to write to thank you for the extraordinary service you provided during our recent A/C crisis. Everyone in your office and the service team are extremely friendly, helpful, courteous and professional. You truly exceeded expectations. We’ll tell everyone we meet that Millers Central Air is the “coolest”!

-Mike M.


Thank you for the service call you provided to me. The kindness and professionalism you provide is so very much appreciated. It is nice knowing that there are still companies in this country that are willing to help a neighbor in need.

-Joanne P.


Just wanted to thank Miller’s for the great service and timeliness you gave Tri Star in diagnosing and installing the new system here at our office. They did a great job ad had the new unit installed in record time.

-Rick M.


Your staff demonstrated professionalism and provided quality service . . . a winning combination in my opinion.   When it was determined that we actually needed to replace our relic A/C system we were particularly impressed by the time spent and options explained for new equipment that Christian outlined for us. The installation crew was prompt, thorough and upon completion, left our home tidy.

We have 100% complete confidence in your company and the service you provide. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to do business with you and I will continue to highly recommend your company.

-Elaine C.


I’ve been doing business with you for awhile now and I have always been very satisfied. As a life-long resident of Sebring (63 years), I am happy to tell others about you. Keep it up!

-Danny D.


Your service was excellent and your man Christian is a credit to your company. He works fast, he knows his job, he is polite and all business, no idle time. Your office people are just fine also. My wife and I are totally satisfied.

-Daniel F.


August 2015

To Sean & Staff,

Someone was watching over me when I found your business online.
My AC was in bad shape.
Your technician was outstanding both on the “Emergency” call and the installation of our newsystem!
We have not been this happy with the AC in 41 years!!!

I must also tell you how pleased I am with the kind gentleman you found to fix the door on the AC closet. He did a great job on a very unusual situation.

Thanks again for everything.

-Susan S.


October 26, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

Miller’s Central Air is a company that is committed to delivering exceptional comfort solutions and pleasant customer service experiences every day since 1995. Their customer satisfaction rates are close to 100% and they have a 5 star rating on Trane.com, which is the highest rating in Trane’s customer satisfaction rating system. Miller’s Central Air is a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer that meets Trane’s stringent standards, and they demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuing education. Miller’s Central Air is committed to being the best in installation, service, customer satisfaction, and employee training. They achieved Top 10 dealer status for several years with the Trane North Florida DSO, some of which include 2014 and currently in 2015.

Rick Miller and his staff and technicians are always a pleasure to work with, and the deliver their services with value, honesty, and integrity. Miller’s Central Air is truly an exceptional company.

Best regards,

Kenneth Kephart

Field Service Representative, Trane North Florida DSO